What if I went barefoot to Alsace?

Prêt à vous déchausser ?

Prêt à vous déchausser ?

Either in the mountains at Lac Blanc:

A unique activity to share with family or friends... just put one foot in front of the other and surrender to your sensations!

Wellness guaranteed!

Going barefoot means feeling the earth and enjoying a freedom that has disappeared from modern life... Walking barefoot also means changing pace, choosing simplicity, entering into symbiosis with nature and the (rare) opportunity to awaken all your senses!

Meet at the Lac Blanc station, 30 minutes by car from Katzenthal and for more information and timetables, click here

Either in the Ried plain:

Ready to take off your shoes for a 1.5km walk, SensoRied is one of the longest barefoot trails in France!

more information and timetables is by here